Elizabeth Pike is a recent graduate from Wimbledon College of Art who has developed her practice in South London. Her practice takes a critical view on women’s rights and how women now fit into modern day society comparing to how they once fitted into society during the earlier stages of feminism.  Most recently, Elizabeth’s practice researches the dialogue between consumerism, post-internet criticism and how this influences the way we communicate and effects our environment. 


Using both acrylic and oil, Elizabeth deconstructs old fashion magazines from the 1970’s and juxtaposes the imagery with modern magazines.  Furthermore, Elizabeth will use famous images from popular culture and social media, layering them together with different opacities to create a discourse of critical discussion. The dissection and reapplication of these images allows Elizabeth to create her own language. Using bright, pop art, block utopian colours, Elizabeth’s intention is to make the viewer aware of the dystopian environment that popular culture and social media influences.

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